Riamar SCGV

Riamar SCGV promotes 39 very sunny cooperative homes, of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms, of which 35 will have views of the estuary. It is a location five minutes walking from Paseo de Bouzas and fifteen minutes from the beach of Alcabre. The building will have a private common area that will involve separation of the two accesses to the plot, the main pedestrian street Tomás Alonso, and another road and pedestrian by Beiramar Avenue.

The regime of housing is free, which implies an access to the property without conditioners of income or possession of other properties.

The prices included in the awarding of contracts, which include a parking space and storage room, plus the corresponding VAT, are below the current market prices.

In the moment of confirming the interest in participating in the cooperative, the interested person will choose the dwelling of their preference.

Being close to the sea and not having buildings in front, the views of the estuary are free and the qualities will guarantee insulation and thermal and acoustic comfort.


  • R/ As Teixugueiras, 16 - Entlo. - Oficina 11 - 36212 Vigo
  • 986431942


  • Monday - Friday: 09:30 - 15:30