Espedrigada SCGV

Espedrigada SCGV faces the construction of 13 very spacious houses, with 3 bedrooms above the 90 square meters useful, except an attic and a house located above the green area that will be 2 rooms, equally spacious. The green zone is communal and privative, only for the enjoyment and use of those who inhabit the building, since it is located in the rear part and arrives next to Paseo del Lagares.

The building will be 5 minutes walk from Castrelos, so it provides proximity and access for the enjoyment of large green areas (Parque de Castrelos and Paseo del Lagares). It is a quiet area but full of services and very well connected, being 10 minutes walk from Traviesas (Plaza de América) and very close to Alvaro Cunqueiro Hospital, as well as teaching staff (school, institute and nursery school) to which to be able to walk.

The regime of housing is free, allowing access without limitations of income or other properties. All homes include garage and storage room.

At the moment of confirming the interest in participating in the cooperative, the interested person will choose the dwelling of their preference.


  • R/ As Teixugueiras, 16 - Entlo. - Oficina 11 - 36212 Vigo
  • 986431942


  • Monday - Friday: 09:30 - 15:30